Friday, April 20, 2012

On the Loss of My Beloved Big Brother: I Write In The Name Of Kwame Osei Carter!

My Beloved Brother, I think about you every single day. I feel your presence all around me. I talk to you in my dreams. I think about us often as children, imagining what our future lives would have been like. And life was so beautiful with you in it; my oldest and closest friend; my big brother. I learned so much from you. You are a true gift. I can't describe how much I miss you, your counsel and guidance, your wisdom, your company, your kindness and your love. I am extremely grateful for the time that the universe allowed us together. Your life has blessed me immeasurably - your spirit blesses me still. In quiet moments, I remember some experience we have shared and smile. I thank The Creator for sharing you with us. I thank The Creator for you. I am so thanfkul for you, so thankful for you, thankful.

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Anonymous said...


Each time I travel this road to your site and see a new posting, I must admit I take a deep breath. Further, on occasions I have stumbled while reading these deeply personal passages. This is because you speak words harbored in my heart. It is oftentimes quite difficult to write the many complicated words needed to adequately convey what is in the innermost recesses of our heart and soul – we who are left behind, seeking balance among our fractured lives. On a personal note – and I‘m sure there are many other readers who would say the same - thank you for giving voice to the memories, pain, joy and echoes that we cannot begin to take pen and paper to. Yet, like you, and with you, we endure - rising and falling, and by His grace rise again to honor our loved ones by speaking (and you writing) their names – boldly - so their place on this mountainside remains intact.

Kwame Osei Carter!

Calvin, Andrew, Tyrone, Horatio, Papa!