Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is healing; it is the process of treating a wound and nursing it back to health, thoughtfully, meticulously, and with the use of the right tools. Since anger, hurt and resentment are such overwhelming emotions, they are easy to preserve and revitalize at any given moment. It takes effort to release them. It takes strength to let go of the surprise and devastation of an affront, whatever the level.

Forgiveness is understanding, not necessarily only to decipher why something has happened, or what motives a person may have had for that person's dirty deed – but an appreciation of the fact that one is going to be faced with the challenge of having to wholly assess the situation, measure the damage, muster the energy to let go of the negative consequences, and to move on. Such actions require serious objectivity of thought, disregard of pride, and rejection of malice; difficult tasks.

Forgiveness is awareness. It is being conscious of how the injury was delivered and by whom; it is considering the reasons motivating the blow and pondering the universal purpose of it all. Life's events have the quality of repeating themselves. One must be ready; prepared to apply the truths taken from the current situation to one that is likely to come, and primed to extricate toxic characters from one's life story. In the end, we must build the courage to extract ourselves from destructive environments.

Forgiveness is self preservation. It is vital to peace of mind, well being and sanity. For the actual or perceived wrongdoer is not burdened by hurt or anger, saddled with betrayal or weighed down by bitterness. He or she is pouring drinks, eating heartily, thriving and traveling forward after having done the worst. We must also continue forward, come to terms with our emotional torments, let them go and let the instigators pass from our minds…with no prejudice.

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